• Atrium Business Park

More than just a place for business

An office building should not simply be a place to work, but also a place where people can enjoy life. After all, it’s the staff that makes a company what it is.

With that in mind, the Atrium Business Park was designed to create a welcoming atmosphere that balances the needs of business while enriching the lives of those who work there.

  • Atrium Business Park Restaurant
  • Atrium Business Park Brasserie
  • Atrium Business Park Sandwicherie
  • Atrium Business Park Restaurant

Lifestyle services

  • Restaurant, brasserie, snack-shop

  • A concierge service

  • Child day care centre

  • Food trucks across the street

  • Security services

  • A modern decor throughout common areas, inside and out

  • Planned:
    New design for common outside areas

  • Screens in each entrance with news, local information, traffic, weather and more

  • Signage system for ease of navigation

  • Business Center on site for short-term demand

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